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waxwing bird

Cedar Waxwing - Tomohiro Kuwai, Canadian Wildlife Service


The Canadian Intermountain Joint Venture (CIJV) is a dynamic partnership of government agencies, Aboriginal groups, nongovernmental organizations, industry, universities and landowners. The CIJV operates under the umbrella of the North American Bird Conservation Initiative, which advocates bird conservation through regional partnerships. The CIJV provides regional implementation of: The North American Waterfowl Management Plan, The Canadian Shorebird Plan, Partners in Flight (Landbirds), and Canada’s Conservation Program for Seabirds and Waterbirds (Wings over Water). The CIJV complements, augments and facilitates existing conservation initiatives, conserving habitat for the benefit of wildlife and people.

“CIJV membership provides a forum for exchanging ideas about wildlife conservation and ranching. It encourages us to plan our grazing practices and manage our cattle in ways that make good conservation sense, good business sense and enhances our enjoyment of the land.”
- Bob Haywood - Farmer,
BC Cattlemen’s Association